About us:

Weinböhla - a pretty town set in Saxony's charming countryside - has been connected with veterinary science since 1923. The production of medicinal and health care products for animals and animal feed supplements started here with the founding of the Gebeka company (German for: Company for the Cure of Small Animal Ailments). The company's selection was further developed after nationalization in 1953 under the name VEB Tierarznei.
Taking advantage of nearby rich brown coal deposits, research in the field of natural humic acids began jointly with the Institute for Veterinary Science of the University of Leipzig in 1961. This extraordinarily interesting class of active agents promised successful applications in veterinary medicine. This fruitful alliance between science and industry led to success. The production of the first humic acid preparations for prophylaxis and therapy of diarrhoea first began in Weinböhla in 1967.
Driven by the outstanding medicinally useful properties of humic acids, intensive work on further development and expansion of possible applications continued in the following years.
Political change in 1989 put Weinböhla on probation. After the transferral the company into private ownership, a small team did its best to preserve the tried and true - our humic acids. Today, humic acids from Weinböhla are again well-known and respected among specialists.
We are convinced -- especially in a time of rediscovering and reconsidering natural medicine -- that the humic acid class of active agents will have a strong position in veterinary medicine.

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